Adult Braces – Pros and Cons

Your parents spent thousands of dollars to straighten your teeth when you were a child. Now, as an adult, your teeth seem to have a mind of their own and have started moving every which way. They overlap, there are gaps, some protrude out and others are too far in. Is it time to visit the orthodontist? There is no arguing the fact that the alignment of your teeth can have a profound effect on your overall dental health. But if you are an adult, you need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of putting braces on your teeth. Costs I thought we should get the subject of how much do braces cost out of the way first. The cost is going be dependent on a number of factors. First of all, it will depend on the type of braces you get. Non-metal braces are more expensive. I assume that as an adult you are not looking for different colors and want them to be as inconspicuous as possible. Second, it depends on the length of treatment. Adults generally wear their braces longer than children do. The orthodontist is figuring in how many times they have to see you in … Continue reading

PPO Dental Insurance – A Must Read Before You Buy

Without a doubt PPO dental insurance is the most popular plan. We get more requests for it than any other plan type. But, if you do not understand how these plans really work, you are going to be in for a very unpleasant and costly surprise. The information we are offering here is not something your dentist is going to share with you without you asking and then asking again. “My dentist told me to get a PPO plan. They told me they will take any PPO.” Translation: Your dentist might not accept any insurance at all. But they will do you a favor and submit a claim for you. In the meantime, they want to be paid up front. When the claim is settled, you will get far less than you thought you would get. How a PPO Should Work This is a very brief overview. If you really want to know about PPO dental insurance plans, we have a more comprehensive explanation on our PPO page. You find a dentist who is part of the the plan’s network. This means the dental office has signed a contract with the network or insurance company where they agree to charge … Continue reading

Dental Insurance for Children in New Healthcare Bill

Dental insurance for children is difficult to find. But, one of the required benefits in the PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act), is essential pediatric oral and vision care. Exactly how these benefits will be implemented and what is considered essential, is anyone’s guess. Even though there are issued guidelines, this requirement raises a lot of questions and problems. How will regular dental plans be priced and sold for adults and other family members? Do you exclude certain services with the idea that they will be picked up by the child’s health insurance? What about subsidies? Will the parents need to purchase supplemental dental to take care of the procedures not covered? Will there be any subsidies for these procedures? While we applaud the effort to see that children are properly covered, this will come at a cost. After all, the present rate structure, especially for the vast majority of citizens who do not receive subsidies is based on the amount the insurance companies pay out for claims. All claims. Also, the exact benefits to include were given over to each individual state to decide. In some instances it will only include the most basic diagnostic and preventative services. … Continue reading